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Paxos Currency & Costs

When you are visiting Paxos, you should be prepared beforehand to take care of all your expenses. After all, you do not want to get caught short of cash once you get to the island. Here is what you need to know about costs and accepted currency in Paxos.

In Paxos, the currency used across the island is Euros. If you are going to be visiting from a foreign country where the Euro is not used, you will want to change your cash into Euros before you get here. In case, you have a limited amount of Euros on hand, do not worry because all major credit cards are accepted. This means you can use your Visa or MasterCard here with ease. Since the cards are accepted widely, you will have no problem buying all the essential items you need for the duration of your stay in Paxos.

How much will it cost?

Whether you are vacationing in Paxos with the island as your headquarters or traveling through here on your vacation, it helps to have a fair idea of the costs to expect here. It is always good to be prepared.


As with any other popular tourist destination, prices of accommodation may vary depending on whether it is peak tourist season or not. You may encounter dramatically different pricing at different times of the year, even for different days of the week and of course, the location also influences the price quite heavily. To give you a ballpark figure:

  • House / Apartment: 60 Euros – 200 Euros / per night
  • Villa: 100 Euros – 300 Euros / per night
  • 3 star /hotel room: 80 Euros – 250 Euros / per night


Again, vehicle hire prices also depend on the season with prices increasing during peak tourist times and falling otherwise. Here are some general indicators.

  • Economy car hire: EUR 30-100 per day
  • Scooter hire: EUR 20-50 per day
  • Petrol: EUR 2 per litre
  • Bus: EUR 3
  • Taxis: EUR 8-15
  • Boat Rental: EUR 45-120 per day


One of the biggest cost contributors during any trip, food is something that you should have enough cash for. Here is an idea of what to expect in terms of costs.

  • Hotel breakfast: EUR 10-30 per person
  • Cafe lunch: EUR 10-25 per person
  • Takeaway snack: EUR 3-5
  • Cappuccino: EUR 3-5
  • Lunch / Dinner: EUR 20 – 40 per person

Tipping and Service Charges

Unlike many other places across the world, tipping is not absolutely necessary here in Paxos. You are not even expected to leave a tip at the many restaurants and bars here. However, if you find someone’s service exceptional, you can leave a tip at your discretion. Here in Paxos, hotels and restaurants do not add service charges to their bills.


Paxos does have its own bank, which is open from 8.30 am to 2.30 pm, Monday to Friday. As for Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), many of these are available, so withdrawing cash using your card should not be a hassle. The majority of the ATMs are in Gaios, so if you are staying here, this aspect is not a big problem to you. If you are staying elsewhere, plan ahead so that you can address your cash concerns when you are sightseeing in Gaios.

Typically, all international credit cards and ATM cards work here provided they are PIN encoded. This is one thing you may want to verify with your bank before you leave for Paxos.

Bringing cash into Paxos

There is no restriction on the amount of foreign currency that can be brought in. However, every person who carries more than EUR 10,000 in cash of Greece is required to complete a Border Cash Report.

Goods and Services Tax

Remember that the displayed price includes the goods and services tax that is levied at 24% here. You cannot ask for a refund of this tax.