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As a member of the B2B (Business to Business) Club you will be able to have access to our property clients’ real time availability and rates. This will give you the opportunity to buy directly from our online booking engine and provide your clients the BEST AVAILABLE internet rates.

NO e-mails, NO telephones, NO faxes, NO waiting on stand-by mode for receiving reservation confirmations. Save time and money and provide your clients THE MOST ACCURATE information about our properties. Get access to the best direct NET rates, use your credit card or wire transfer to pay for your client’s reservation and get instant confirmation!

Travel Agents

The home sharing economy is growing, and many travelers are booking homes on their own through various platforms. Paxos Retreats provides a high quality experience and allows travel agents to capture commission from these bookings.

Curated & Competitive

From studios to 6-bedroom homes, Paxos Retreast has a growing portfolio of personally vetted, competitively priced homes.

Comfortable & Convenient

Enjoy all the comforts of home (stocked kitchens, comfy beds, etc) along with all the amenities and services of a hotel (concierge, fresh linens and WiFi).

Safe & Secure

Our personal inspection ensures all of our homes adhere to the highest hospitality standards. Our on-the-ground teams prioritize guest security and are available 24/7.

Local Businesses

A presence on Paxos Retreats can help grow your business by connecting you with consumers considering a visit to Paxos. A key role of the website is to drive qualified traffic to your website, email inbox or telephone.

There is no charge for listing on Paxos Retreats and your business information has the potential to be distributed widely through our partnerships with some of Paxos’s regional tourism organisations.