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Walking & Hiking

Hiking Paxos is the best way to see beautiful landscapes and explore vast areas. So grab a pack and put on your walking boots.

Don’t forget to bring your walking boots when you are heading to Paxos because this is probably one of the best places in the world for long hikes with nothing for company but Mother Nature.  The hilly terrain is perfect for walking because it gives you enough of a challenge without causing you too much strain. Innumerable little paths, overhung by lush greenery, make it a beautiful experience for you to explore this entire little island on foot, taking it one stunning area a day.  These little paths are, in fact, what the majority of the island dwellers use to get around Paxos although there are more vehicles on the road in recent times.

Choose the more popular well-worn walking trails or fid your own way among abandoned villages, flower strewn paths or green shady ones as you explore the island. If you lose your way, all you have to do is call out to one of the friendly islanders nearby for guidance. Expect to see old Venetian homes, abandoned windmills and olive mills that no longer are operational on your sojourn. Or take the route that thousands of visitors have taken, before you, right from Loggos to the Ippapandi church and then climb up to the bell tower to see all of Lakka, right up to Corfu and then the Erimitis cliffs from this vantage point.