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Paxos may be a small island, but the diverse wealth of Paxos culture, performing arts, literature, museums and art galleries will leave even the most fervent arts and culture buffs completely satisfied.

Paxos is an ancient island where every corner offers something to look at. With unique architecture throughout the island, visitors have enough to awe them.

The Blue Caves are a natural wonder that one must see at least once in their lifetime. They are natural caves formed in the sea that offer a fascinating experience. Some are large enough for boats to pass through, and if the waters are good, then visitors can take a dip in the cool and clear water. Our guides are experienced sailors that understand the best routes to take and all the safety precaution needed.

Galleries and museums are spread out over the island. The Olive Press Museum and Folklore Museum are 2 of the most famous and cover the history of life in Paxos over time. The Pythias Gallery is a must see. The gallery could also be a museum with it’s historic and awe-inspiring art pieces.

Paxos is the perfect place for photography as every corner makes for a great picture. Scenic views are present throughout the island and you are bound to have some great memories here.



View of the sunset from Mousmouli Bay

Voutoumi Beach Antipaxos Paxos


Voutoumi beach in Antipaxos


Blue Caves

Aerial photo of Paxos island caves with clear turquoise waters