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Food & Wine

Taste your way around Paxos, and you’ll discover food and wine that’s original, world-class, and fresh from the source.

Paxos and its villages can wow you with their large variety of mind-blowing food. The restaurants and taverns in the area serve delicacies that will entice you with their taste. This peaceful isle offers meals that are perfect for every occasion, be it romantic, friendly or formal. Their small establishments are beautifully decorated and are enough to put anyone at ease.

Common Greek dishes like the sofrito, pastitsada and bourdeto are easily available and cooked to perfection. You can enjoy a refreshing meal at one of the city’s quaint yet busy cafes or head over to on-the-water restaurants to experience brilliant food. We can take you to or suggest some brilliant, must-visit restaurants around the island.

Dessert cafes are becoming more popular and places like Capricio and Giappy are on the rise. If wine is one of your favourites, Paxos has a long list of taverns and vineyards to explore. White wines such as the Asproudi, Tsoukanarias, and Lianorgo must be tasted. The red wines are smooth, and famous varieties include Fidias and Petrokoryntho.

Both the food and wine are to die for as tourists and residents mingle in beautifully set up eateries, taverns, and bars.



Fresh, diverse and delicious, Paxiots love their food. While you are in Paxos make sure you enjoy some of these food experiences.


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