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While booking your next holiday to Paxos, whatever your plans or passions – add an event to your itinerary.

Yes, Paxos may be a very tiny island but when it comes to events, you can be assured that neither the grandeur nor the sheer variety will ever remind you of the island’s miniscule size. Cultural traditions are the most popular events here because it allows people from foreign lands to get a ringside view to Greece’s ancient customs and practices. Among these, events like Net Monday get a lot of attention from locals and outsiders alike. Song and dance is an inseparable part of this interesting event which celebrates religious faith as well as love.

Saint Gaios day is another well- known tourist attraction event and this is when the islanders go in procession to Gai. There are ferries to transport tourists to and from Corfu. The festival of Neroladias is another popular one where you get to enjoy the traditional music being played by the skilled orchestra while free bread is offered. And of course, you do not want to miss the island’s most well- known festival the Paxos International Music Festival in September. Young talented musicians from across the world come here to perform in Paxos, giving a glimpse of eh future’s best artists to music lovers.

There are events lined up almost all year round and there is something for everyone to enjoy so pack your bags and head out to Paxos right away to enjoy the time of your life.


Net Monday

In Net Monday, the “koulouma” are celebrated in Lakka, at “Rinio”. In Lakka there are events with a wide variety of lenten delicacies, wine, ouzo, raki, songs and pagan dances which have survived from ancient times referring to religion but also to love (as in the Dionysian rites). Then comes the burning of the carnival in the middle of the square while around it the young people are singing and dancing.


On Holy Friday, Epitafios procession starts at noon from Nisi of Panagia and in the evening passes through the picturesque streets and the beach of Gaios. Holy Saturday visitors and locals gather altogether to celebrate the First Resurrection. Before midnight the lights of the churches are put out in symbolism of the darkness that Christ had to endure as he passed through the underworld. The resurrection is proclaimed at exactly midnight, and is celebrated with drums, fireworks, and church bells. Fireworks light up the sky in a majestic display. In Loggos you can enjoy an extremely experience, with amazing fireworks lighting up the sky!

Saint Gaios Day

On June 29th, Saint Gaios day, the icon’s procession of Saint goes to Gai, by the presence of the Bishop, Corfiot and local bands. Specially chartered ferry boat transfers the visitors from and to Corfu.


In mid-July is the festival of “neroladias”, when free bread with olives and onion are offered, boiled potatoes, wine and also the local orchestra is playing traditional music.

Assumption of the Virgin Mary

The Dormition or the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (in Greek: Koimisis tis Theotokou) is a Great Feast of the Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches which commemorates the “falling asleep” or death of the Theotokos (Mary, the mother of Jesus ). On the island of Panagia takes place the most important festival of the island on 15th of August, with the procession of the icon of Assumption, while wine and beef broth are offered to the people.

International Classical Music Festival

Each September takes place the International Classical Music Festival, co-organized by the Cultural Association of Paxos and by the Festival Trust Limited, where local or foreign younger professional musicians have gathered every summer in magical settings to perform to an international audience. The Festival provides the opportunity for some of the most engaging and talented young players emerging in the UK to develop their skills and repertoire in conjunction with Greek and other international musicians, on an island renowned for its clear waters, green olive groves and friendly coastal villages.