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Folklore Museum

Gaios, Paxos

The Folklore Museum of Paxos, which represents a house of the early 20th century, contains exhibits , which demonstrate the living conditions at Paxos. Artifacts in the museum include: olive press and olive production implements; fossils; pottery from various periods through history; guns, tools and other utensils from the Venetian and British empire periods. There are several rooms laid out to demonstrate living conditions and standards of the relavent periods. There is a small charge to enter the museum which is open for three hours every evening through the main holiday season (May to October).

Tel: +30 26620 32566

Olive Press Museum

Magazia, Paxos

Between Loggos and Lakka, near the village of Magazia, there is an olive press museum. Built in 1865, the press was in use until 1960. Having only been restored in recent years, the olive press museum makes for an interesting excursion. Opening hours are: 11.00 – 14.00 and it is possible to buy some of the local produce here.

Tel: +30 26620 32566

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