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Arts & Culture

For a totally unique Paxos experience, immerse yourself in the local arts and culture.

Tucked away in a corner of the world, Paxos is relatively unspoiled by the commercialization that has overrun the rest of the globe. The island is firmly connected to its roots and this is what adds charm to its many sights and sounds. A great place to start your exploration of this little island is to get a taste of its art and culture scene.

The permanent residents in Paxos are quite few in number but this only makes it all the more interesting for arts aficionados to witness the clear influence of the locals on the expression of the artistic denizens. A clear call out to the Greek style of expression is evident but it comes with its own unique, rather exotic flair that speaks of the hidden world charm of Paxos’ many villages and the close knit community.

Paxos presents a surprising variety when it comes to culture. Performing arts that heavily tip the hat to Greek antecedents are to be expected, of course, but what may come as a surprise is the modern day twist given to the ’stories’. Take your pick of enthralling literature and get a glimpse into the way of thinking of these Greek people. Make sure to take in the Folklore museum to understand the history that has made Paxos what it is today.








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