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Paxos Geography and Geology

You’ll find a variety of awesome landscapes in Paxos, all within easy reach of each other.

Anyone familiar with Greece will know about the Ionian Islands. Paxoi refers to the smallest group of islands among the Ionian islands and Paxos is a part of this group. Paxos and Antipaxos are 2 of the biggest islands in this group. It is located approximately 10 miles South of Corfu, on the Ionian Sea.

The population of the islands is around 2,500 with most of them living in three main villages – Gaios, Lakka, and Loggos. Over half the population live in these 3 main villages and the rest are spread out in smaller villages and habitats throughout the islands.

The West of Paxos is covered in cliffs that are highly eroded. These cliffs form the famed Blue Caves, a major attraction for tourists. This part of the island is only accessible by boat and also has several grottos to explore. The sea is a lot calmer and welcoming on the east side with its calm waters, coves, and white sand beaches. Apart from the west coast, the island is covered in beaches all the way to the Southern tip.

Most of the island is covered in tall trees and olive groves. There are over 200,000 olive trees spread throughout the island, and olive oil is one of the main exports. All the greenery makes for beautiful pathways and shaded beaches. The sea around Paxos is clear and offers great visibility for divers. People also love the wild flowers and the ample trees that bloom in spring. Much of the island is covered in forests but the remaining parts are enough to keep visitors satisfied.

We cannot talk about Paxos without talking about Antipaxos, a smaller island off the south of Paxos. Antipaxos is known for having 2 of the best white sand beaches on the entire Ionian Sea. Apart from the beaches, the island is steep and precocious but is definitely worth exploring. It also has old style houses with walled off gardens and a small harbour. Antipaxos is much smaller than Paxos but many tourists prefer to explore this rather than the bigger islands as there is more intrigue.

The way of life in Paxos is relatively classic with modern influences. Olive harvests, wine production, and tourism are the island’s residents main sources of income. We provide tours of Paxos and Antipaxos that are bound to leave visitors in a trance. Our friendly guides can help visitors explore places that are awe-inspiring.

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